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Read this carefully:



  1. The Transport Calculator (TC) is MSExcel based as of MSOffice 2007 or higher and uses VBA (Visual Basic Applications) and Macros, therefore in your Options you must allow for Macros, if not the TC will detect this and will not pursue; you will not be able to use the TC.

  2. You should not open the TC at download, but firstly save it, on your PC, especially under MSExcel 2010, as the automatic build-in security of MS Excel2010 will not enable Macros to run, when Excel opens coming directly from a download.

  3. When TC opens, it closes all open Excel files (allowing you to save them) in order to start in a blank environment.

  4. Only FULL & COMPLETE REGISTRATION allows for buying Download

  5. TC is regularly updated, you are sure to have always the latest version.

  6. The TC Manuel (Documentation) is very extensive & detailed; you can download it each moment for free. Changes compared to a previous version are always highlighted.

  7. For the moment, the TC works under 32 bits MSOffice as well as under 64 bits MSOffice.

Transport Calculator

The ultimate tool that documents your sales price or contribution margin.

This tool allows for a detailed cost calculation, giving you besides a sales price or a contribution margin further data on time spent on the journey. Carbon footprint, cost of empty mileage, opportunities and pitfalls

It allows for several specific inputs, such as night premium, toll costs, fuel clauses, stops, impact 2nd trip, speed control, traffic jam, cost absorptions...

It is linked to a distance calculator, which allows you to calculate correct mileage between A - B.

It is automated to a very extend, allowing to create pdf-files output to document the calculation (print & save).

A comprehensive manual is free at your disposal and it is wise to download and read it upfront.

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