10 GOOD reasons why NOT to work with BIZSON !?!

1. Nothing needs to be improved here…

Within every business process, human and other resources must be optimally attuned to one another. In practice this rarely happens. More often markets and clients constantly change. There’s always room for improvement. BIZSON specialises in pinpointing bottlenecks and in systematically correcting them, with the co-operation of all personnel.

2. But that won’t work at our company…

There isn't a management system in the world that is perfect. By getting a good picture of the different elements of existing structures, first of all we can demonstrate that they are not optimally attuned to one another and secondly, we can show how the situation can be improved. This has been proven in various environments: from production to purchasing; sales to administration, technical services to logistics, etc. in private and public organizations.

3. But we’ve already tried that…

BIZSON does not write heavy reports, and doesn’t stop after issuing advice. We identify, consult, and implement. BIZSON continues until the plan is functional. The BIZSON approach is not just simple implementation, but a systematic approach ensuring that good advice is given, that whenever possible, the client’s own people fulfill the role of in-house consultants through sound facilitation, and through this combined effort and approach, implementation is achieved.

4. Our people cannot change, or don’t want to…

If people don’t want to do something, they must be motivated. If people cannot do something, they must be trained. On average a mere 1% of personnel cannot and do not wish to change. BIZSON specializes in changing behavior and getting the best from people, in a positive way!

5. We haven’t got the time for that right now…

If and when management gives priority to a concerted effort to improve productivity of the organization, and then there will be time and availability. The best moment to start a process of significant improvement of the organization is now.

6. But it will cost too much…

With the Return on Investment linked to a BIZSON program, cost will prove to be less important than benefits. BIZSON will not make a project proposal, unless our analysis has shown a potential Return on Investment of 250%, with cash back of a minimum of 70% during the course of the project. And BIZSON guarantees the results of the program: at least an ROI of 100% within 12 months after the project.

7. But we can do that ourselves…

Perhaps you can, but you may need three years or more to do it, since other things will get in the way. You still need to manage your day-to-day business; BIZSON can focus on these problems full-time. BIZSON facilitates change. That’s what we do…we make it happen.

8. Isn’t it better to wait until...? (IT-implementation, merger…)

Now is the time to improve. Your competitors are constantly looking for room for improvement. The implementation of a BIZSON program will enable you and your management to monitor and control all processes in a transparent and integrated way. Experience has shown that this even increases the anticipated results of ongoing initiatives.

9. Who is BIZSON anyway?

BIZSON is a team of experienced consultants with proven track records. We deliver what we promise with the required tactical skills to work with people in a pleasant matter.

10. But won’t there be any negative consequences for our personnel?

On the contrary, your supervision and management will enjoy the increased control over their situation; the employees will perform better and all of them will experience a higher satisfaction and improved motivation. All clients of BIZSON can attest to this.


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